DIFL Season 2013-14 comes to a close

We thank you for a very special season of football that ended last week into a great finish.  We hope you enjoyed every moment of it as much as we did.  Do send us those special moments that you may have photographed so that we can post them on the DIFL Facebook page.

A special thank you to our sponsors, team coaches, referees and parent volunteers without whose support it would be very difficult to offer our program each year. 

We hope to see you again in August 2014 for another action packed season of great competitive yet fun filled matches.


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To DIFL, fair play means making every effort to allow Every player Equal time on the pitch in Every match.  Kudos to those coaches who work hard to help us meet this objective!  Read more about 'Fair Play and DIFL' in the rules section.


The DIFL website is a tremendous resource! You can find information on various topics, including:

§ What are the rules of play for each Division?

§ What events are scheduled for the season?

§ What do Managers do?

§ What are Coaches’ responsibilities?

§ What is my team’s standing so far this season?

§ What if my child is absent or injured?

§ Is there a list of FAQs I can check? 


If you want to give us some feedback or make a suggestion, we welcome your input!  Please visit our Feedback page to submit and we will do our best to get back with you quickly.  If you prefer, just send an email to difl@difl.org.  Thank you!

FIFA World Cup

Brazil is going to be more sizzling this summer with FIFA WORLD CUP.  Be part of the action, the cheering, the high and lows of the match and the never ending energy.  To experience this crazy carnival of football and the jamboree of vibrant colours that Brazil offers, find out more at www.bookmysport.com.