DIFL 2015-16 Teams are ready and live. Please check the Team lists on the web to know your team.     

The Division 2 & 3 match no VII will be played on Sunday Nov 29th at Thyagraj Stadium.     

URGENT: Division 2 & 3 Match Update: Change in dates/pitch for 28th November Matches:

Change in date for 28th Nov Match: Further to our message sent out recently-we have now been advised by the Thyagraj Stadium Authorities that the A R Rahman concert is NOT being hosted at their Stadium . Thus the match # 7 for div 2 & 3 will be played on 29/11/15 (Sunday) as planned initiallyWe thank you for your continued cooperation and support always.

Please make sure you inform your team mates as well.

Match Venues  & Practice locations

The DIFL 2015-16 Season started on Saturday, October 17. Practices started a week before, starting October 12 where the kits etc., were handed out.

Below is a summary of days and venues:

WEEK DAY (4 - 6 pm)
Division 1  DPS R.K.Puram DPS R.K.Puram Mon or Wed only
Division 2  Thyagraj Sports Complex
JMC Grounds Mon or Wed only
Division 3  Thyagraj Sports Complex
JMC Grounds Tues or  Thurs only
Division 4 DPS R.K.Puram DPS R.K.Puram Tues or Thurs only
Division 5  JMC Grounds JMC Grounds Friday only
Division 6  DDA, Vasant Kunj DPS R.K.Puram Friday only


The DIFL website is a tremendous resource! You can find information on various topics, including:

§ What are the Rules of play for each Division?

§ What do Managers do?

§ What are Coaches’ responsibilities?

§ What if my child is absent or injured?

§ Is there a list of FAQs I can check? 


The DIFL fees once paid will not be refunded due to cancellations or any other event which prevents you from joining /continuing in DIFL.


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To DIFL, fair play means making every effort to allow Every player Equal time on the pitch in Every match.  Kudos to those coaches who work hard to help us meet this objective!  Read more about 'Fair Play and DIFL' in the rules section.


If you want to give us some feedback or make a suggestion, we welcome your input!  Please visit our Feedback page to submit and we will do our best to get back with you quickly.  If you prefer, just send an email to difl@difl.org.  Thank you!