DIFL announces Champions Ladder – a new format for second phase of the season.     

Remember water bottles, shin guards and non-metal studs!     

Parent's match

As the Season draws to an end and your last match and woes are  behind you, we would like to acknowledge your contribution! Hence we have organized a fun-filled morning with a Parents Match on Saturday, 21st February, 2015. Sign ups are @ 9.00 and kick off @ 9.30 am. Please confirm your participation urgently to sajiv@jvfinancial.com and sanjaysh277@gmail.com as spots are limited.

DIFL Awards Ceremony 

On Sunday 22nd February 2015 we will be holding the DIFL 2014-15 Awards Ceremony at Kathuria Public School pitch. 

Don't forget that the finals of the DIFL Challenge Cup Competitions sponsored by the Amity Group will also be played on Sunday and these last six matches will officially bring the curtain down on another successful DIFL season!

The overall Awards Ceremony timings are :

Arrival of Div 6

Match starts - 8:30 to 9:15 between BPTP Strikers vs Thunderbolts

Division 6 Awards -9:30 am

Refreshments: 10:00 am

Division 5

Match starts at   9:30 - 10:15 between Urban Kings vs 1098

Division  5 awards 10:30 am

Refreshments: 11:00 am

Division  4

Match at 10:30 - 11:15 am between Bhushan Warrior vs Interarch Warriors

Division  4  awards at 11:30 am

Refreshments: 12:30 pm 

Division  3

Match at 11:30 - 12:15 pm between DeVere Dynamos vs Tigers Never Give in

Division 3 awards at 12.30 pm

Refreshments: 1:30 pm

 Division  2

Match at  12:30 - 1:15 pm between Super Strikers vs Amity

Division 2  awards at 1:30 pm

Refreshments: 2:30 pm

Division  1

Match at 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm INV Cubs and Team Formula

Division 1 awards at 2.30  pm

Refreshments: 3.00  pm 


DIFL brings excitement to the 2014-15 season through the innovative and challenging DIFL Champions LadderWe are proud to announce a new format for the second phase of the season for Divisions 2 – 6 which will start from 24th January, 2015 and will end after 4 weeks on 14th February, 2015.  This new format encourages all teams to give their best and try hard to secure a place in the League standings till the end of the Season.  Your Division Coordinator will help answer all your questions.


To give more opportunities for the children to play football, in addition to the usual DIFL League, DIFL holds its annual division-wise Cup Competition. This is a great opportunity for the players to get even more time on the pitch and to have some fun battling it out in a one-day tournament with teams across their divisions. This year we are happy to have the Amity Group as the Sponsor for the competition.
To know more about it, visit DIFL Cup Competition.


All six pitches come alive every Saturday where each player vies for the coveted goals to take their team up the score ladder.  With the winter break coming to an end, DIFL is all set to make the most of this season.  A few things to remember :

·  Let’s make sure we leave the grounds as good as when we arrive there.  Any items that need to be disposed are put in the trash bins.

·  Your belongings leave with you-we have created a "Lost and Found " page in case you left something behind!

·  Drivers are not allowed to park the cars inside the complex at Kathuria.  Please ask them to cooperate with the volunteers who direct them to drop the players and go out.  Since they work for you, it is important they also get the instructions from you.

·  Please carry ample drinking water with you to the pitches.


Please remember to protect your players against mosquitos.  Especially those in Division 5 playing at JMC as there's a green belt behind the pitch.  Please read more on Dengue and how to prevent it here.


The DIFL website is a tremendous resource! You can find information on various topics, including:

§ What are the rules of play for each Division?

§ What do Managers do?

§ What are Coaches’ responsibilities?

§ What if my child is absent or injured?

§ Is there a list of FAQs I can check? 


The DIFL fees once paid will not be refunded due to cancelations or any other event which prevents you from joining /continuing in DIFL.


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To DIFL, fair play means making every effort to allow Every player Equal time on the pitch in Every match.  Kudos to those coaches who work hard to help us meet this objective!  Read more about 'Fair Play and DIFL' in the rules section.


If you've left any of your belongs at the pitch by mistake, please visit the Lost & Found page to find how you can get it back.


If you want to give us some feedback or make a suggestion, we welcome your input!  Please visit our Feedback page to submit and we will do our best to get back with you quickly.  If you prefer, just send an email to difl@difl.org.  Thank you!