Div 5 plays their first match of the season at the DIFL Scramble Cup on 27th Sept. This is followed by Div 6 playing on 28th Sept.     


This season, DIFL kicked off in style!  Division 1 and 2 played their very first matches.

Division 2 highlights:

September 13 saw DIFL ringing in the new season with the Scramble Cup. Early morning we had 100 plus kids randomly divided into teams. The matches played were of high quality and teams were called Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green and Maroon. Everyone played their hearts out.

Team Orange turned out to be winners in Group A.  Group B had teams Neon Green, Air Force Blue, Maroon and Dark Green. Till the last match between Maroon vs Dark Green, the group had no clear cut winners. The sun was hot but Neon Green, Air Force Blue, Maroon and Dark Green did not give up at all. Finally, Dark Green turned out winners in Group B.  The final between Orange and Dark Green had the most unexpected result. A tie!  A penalty shootout decided the winners. Team Dark Green won the final but Orange our hearts.

So, all in all, kids had fun, they caught up with their old friends and made some new ones. Team Orange saw a girl taking penalty shoot outs-or this the coach of that team deserves praise.  Fun and fair play is what DIFL stands for.

Dates for the upcoming matches are:

Dates and venues



Saturday 27th Sept 

Division 5 Scramble Cup  (Kathuria Pitch)

Sunday  28th Sept 

Division 6 Scramble Cup  (Kathuria Pitch)

Saturday 11th Oct

Division 3 Scramble Cup  (Kathuria Pitch)

Sunday 12th Oct

Division 4 Scramble Cup  (Kathuria Pitch) 

This is an important season kick-off event and we are looking forward to seeing all of you there!


The DIFL website is a tremendous resource! You can find information on various topics, including:

§ What are the rules of play for each Division?

§ What do Managers do?

§ What are Coaches’ responsibilities?

§ What if my child is absent or injured?

§ Is there a list of FAQs I can check? 


The DIFL fees once paid will not be refunded due to cancellations or any other event which prevents you from joining /continuing in DIFL.


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To DIFL, fair play means making every effort to allow Every player Equal time on the pitch in Every match.  Kudos to those coaches who work hard to help us meet this objective!  Read more about 'Fair Play and DIFL' in the rules section.


If you want to give us some feedback or make a suggestion, we welcome your input!  Please visit our Feedback page to submit and we will do our best to get back with you quickly.  If you prefer, just send an email to difl@difl.org.  Thank you!